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Shooting Lenses 

Lenses for Shooting Sports by Stephen Hing Opticians 
When taking part in shooting sports, accuracy is highly important. 
Equally important is the safety of your eyesight which is why Stephen Hing Opticians offer a specialist eyecare service to shooters. 
Not only do we provide you with corrective lenses to ensure optimum vision but also lenses built to protect your eye's from potential harm. 
Shotguns and rifles, when in use, are held close to the face and create debris which, in certain wind conditions can be an issue. In clay pigeon shooting, by nature of the sport, debris will be falling from the sky. 
Eye Protection 
Shooting glasses, as from January 1st 2004, are mandatory whilst shooting or in the company of shooters at all CPSA registered shoots. Glasses will not only protect your eyes from stray pieces of broken clay but also from falling lead and any gun malfunctions. 
CPSA Eye Protection Policy: The wearing of adequate and effective visible eye protection by shooters, trappers, officials and spectators at or around any shooting position at all Registered events is mandatory from 1st January 2004. It is recommended that this protection be to a minimum standard of BSEN 166 F. 
It should also be noted that many clay pigeon shooting grounds will no longer allow shooters to participate without adequate eye protection. 
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